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Julie Teague


We hired Kathryn to stage our home and I am convinced that it was one of the reasons our home sold so quickly and in an "off" selling time. We have bought and sold a lot of real estate and had a pretty good handle on how to make a home look sell-ready. But, it was amazing all the little things that Kathryn came up with to help our house really stand out on the market. She came on a Friday and we worked really hard to do everything she recommended - and we sold our home two days later. She is easy to work with and very good at pulling it all together. Highly recommend!

Sheena Fleener

Realtor and Seller

When trying to decide how to prepare our house to go on the market, Streamline Interior Design & Home Staging was our missing link! My husband and I have a 36 year old home with so many possibilities and hidden treasures. The two of us had many great ideas on what we wanted to do but we lack in the strategic thinking department, or in other words, how to get all the way from start to finish. Kat came in, listened to our ideas and saw our vision. She presented us with a strategy that helped us get moving and get things done! She gave each of us our list of things we needed to do and hired all the sub-contractors needed to make our home a show place. From painting to landscaping design to remodeling a room, adding new floors and changing out doors and windows she stayed on top of everyone and every detail. We had an offer on our house, but we liked how it looked so much we just couldn't part with it! The icing on the cake is she kept us from arguing with each other by being that third party we sometimes need in marriage communication! :)

Toni Jacaruso


We hired Kathryn as our interior designer on multiple occasions for our business offices as well as our own home for several years  and we're very glad we did! Her work is great! She was always prompt, professional, and patient with all our requests. She did an excellent job creating exactly the look we were going for. She would shop for me and always stayed within our budget. She was so fun to work with and we will definitely recommend her to all we know.

Mary Risner


Streamline Home Staging LLC, and Kat in particular, remodeled/redesigned our kitchen and 2 bathrooms. She did a fabulous job!!! She listened to our ideas and came up with suggestions as to how to achieve what we were looking for. In addition, she gave us awesome suggestions about issues we had not even considered. She is great to work with, always accessible, responsible, and fun. She has an invaluable eye as to what will look good and is able to bring everything together. We have received many compliments on the job Streamline did and we wholeheartedly recommend Streamline to help you achieve your dream house or any other space you want to redo. We will be using Streamline Design again in the future to remodel other rooms in our house.

Kelli Wilson


Kathryn was wonderful! I had a DIY staging consultation with her and she provided me with a thorough and detailed list of ways to help my home appeal to potential buyers. She was very creative and thought of many things that would have never crossed my mind. Additionally, she was able to provide contractors to complete some of the work, and they all did a wonderful job. As a result, our listing photos turned out great and we received multiple offers on the first day we listed our home.  Many realtors complimented us on how great our home looked.  Due to the multiple offers, we were able to sell our home above list price with a quick closing. I highly recommend Streamline Home Staging!

Abby Vasek

Business Peer

Streamline Home Staging is just that; streamlined! There are a lot of moving parts in this dynamic industry and Kathryn has successfully developed her system. Her design style is impeccably clean and current! I love her use of color to create bold focal points. She understands good design and is professionally trained to stage homes for maximum return on home staging investments. I have to mention her appreciation for local art and how much I appreciate that! I do, it's always great to be engaging with your own community and perpetuating good talking points for both realtors and buyers. We're Austin proud and supporting local artists is just cool. HGTV Designer Abby Vasek

Ron G.


Kathryn, Thank you once again for all of your staging recommendations. We did complete the majority of the changes that you recommended and by the time we were done our house looked like a model home. We received nothing but positive comments from anyone who came to the house. Proof of that was the fact that we sold our house in 3 days with multiple offers. We will definitely recommend you if we find out about someone getting ready to sell their home.

Victoria Peterson


I had a listing in Hutto at a pretty high price point. Being out in the country, I wanted to leave no stone unturned in making sure it presented as well as possible. Kathryn came in and did an amazing job. She pulled the rooms together and gave it a more luxurious feel with flair. The photos were great and the level of service was superb. We received our first contract in four days. She was invaluable to my marketing campaign on this property. I recommend Kathryn highly.

Ben Finney


Kathryn Paige and Streamline Home Staging worked with me on a home that I was doing some renovation work to before selling on the market. I have been in renovations for over 10 years and was HIGHLY impressed with Kathryn's eye for detail and her creative ideas that boosted the homes value with minor changes that I never would have recognized to do on my own. The staging job is fantastic, I have received compliments on the staging from numerous people. I would recommend anyone considering a designer or stager to work with Streamline and Kathryn, you will not be disappointed."



I was very impressed with your work! It was nice that you were able to use what I already had to accent the house. I like your "can do" attitude and your attention to detail as well. The pictures were done in great taste and you used very good angles giving a possible buyer the best possible view of each room.

Sammie Joseph

Realtor Broker

My wife and I hired Kathryn to stage one room at our house and she ended up re-styling our entire house so it would show better in addition to taking professional photos for MLS. Kathryn has been extremely professional, diligent and very easy to work with. We were already beyond impressed, and then Kathryn saw we were having an open house and brought snacks by. I wish more people in this industry took their work as serious as Kathryn. It's very easy to tell that she is passionate about what she does and I highly recommend her whether you're doing a small, medium or large job, as she will go above and beyond what is expected. You will not be disappointed in her hard work, dedication and professionalism. Thank you Kathryn, you've been great to work with!

Amy Vandeloo

Home Owner

Kathryn of Streamline Home Staging was a breath of fresh air! She took the time at the beginning to really understand our family and how we use our home. With that heartfelt approach our house was turned into a beautiful and very functional home. Nearly all of our furnishings and decorations were used in the transformation and the new items were exactly what our home needed. Kathryn also was very sensitive to my husband's "no change" attitude and the two of them were able to redesign his home office into a pleasant working environment. Our friends and family are exceptionally impressed with the changes and we look forward to having more social gatherings in our redesigned home. A huge thank you to Kathryn for bringing our family closer in our beautiful home! I would highly recommend redesigning your home.

Jackie M.


I have hired Kathryn on several occasions and realized I wished I had started using her sooner for my selling clients. She has done an excellent job and my clients have been extremely satisfied with her performance. I would recommended her highly to all agents! Great Results, Personable, and an Expert!

Michelle Lofstrom


If Kathryn had helped us stage our home before it was listed 3 months ago, I know we would have sold it sooner! She has a remarkable sense of color, style & design. She saw what we already had in our home to work with. She guided us in the right direction as far as what needed to be done within our budget. Kathryn even helped my husband see the need for change in our home, something that I was unable to do. She knows what she is doing, so when "Kathryn speaks...people should listen". All of her recommendations were right on! Painting the walls the right color to make the woodwork “pop”, re-arranging furniture to make the rooms look larger, hardware choices, and accenting to name a few. Two weeks after staging we had a serious buyer!

Pat Thiede


Kathryn was fabulous - Great taste and a keen eye for detail. Her suggestions were really helpful and made our furnishings fit much better than we anticipated. She also found a few new items for us that really filled in some gaps. We are delighted with the result and would recommend her without reservation!

Kathy Boswell


hired Kathryn to work with my daughter in law to update her house. Kathryn amazingly was able to incorporate "early marriage hand me downs" into a well appointed design. Her suggestions of paint colors for the walls transformed the entire house. She is able to work with people who have a hard time making up their minds and can nudge them in the right direction. I highly recommend Kathryn to take whatever you have and make it "pop" for an extremely reasonable price. She also professionally handled all her recommended contractors and orchestrated the entire project. I would not hesitate to hire her again for the next update!

Mr. Hobbs


Before I listed this home in Great Hills I brought Kathryn in for a consultation. She recommended things I didn't think of, which was great! I have been in the real estate business for a long time and have integrated staging into my marketing plan for a few years now, but Kathryn brings unique ideas to the table and is very good at what she does! Not only is she talented but a kind soul. From here on out, she is my stager!

Chris Heaney


I recently moved into my new home and was in the midst of unpacking and struggling to figure out how my stuff was going to work in the new place. Even though I did do some pre-planning for arranging the space, the end result didn't have the right feel and frankly I was weary process. Kathryn went through my home and looked at all my furniture and artwork and we set out to re-arrange in a way that had more clarity and flow then I could have ever done myself. I now have a home that has a natural way of inviting people in to the different living areas and has that wonderful sense of just "feeling right". She was a big help in encouraging me to use some of my artwork in a more dramatic ways with her artist's eye and now all the pieces I have work together more harmoniously. If you are setting up a new home or looking to improve the livability of your current space, I highly recommend engaging Kathryn in her craft.

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